Usability Engineering Portfolio

I design and moderate usability studies and conduct usability expert reviews to evaluate design artifacts.

Usability Testing Design and Moderation

Jamie led the effort to include usability testing for the redesign of the firm's retail website, and conducted a series of studies to validate designs and identify usability issues prior to the site launch.


Priority Heatmaps Poster Presentation

For the 2008 Usability Professionals Association conference, Jamie presented a poster on balancing user goals with business objectives.

Studies, Reports, Publications

Master's Thesis: “Of mice and pen: effects of input device on different age groups performing goal oriented tasks” (PDF, 312k)

My thesis used a 2x2 mixed factorial design to determine if adults (12 younger and 12 older) using different devices (a mouse and a pen) were more or less successful performing a series of realistic tasks on a convertible tablet PC. A 5-page version was published in the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Publication: Evaluation of Poster Presentations at The HFES’s Annual Meeting: Do We Practice What We Preach? (PDF, 235K)

Raegan M. Hoeft, Sherri A. Rehfeld, and James F. Kravitz. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine whether HF/E professionals are utilizing our human factors knowledge when designing the poster presentations for the Annual Meeting. Results showed that presenters did report keeping human factors principles in mind when designing their posters displays, but that those intentions did not always lead to superior poster designs at the Annual Meeting.

Expert Usability Reviews

Jamie draws on his knowledge of current web practices, usability principles, and ability to adopt a “user mindset” to conduct expert usability evaluations of websites, software, and other products.

Samples: Product Evaluation - Canon Powershot (1.8MB)| Website Evaluation - MLS Listings (3.6MB)| Ergonomic Evaluation - Medical Laboratory (5.9MB)