UX Case Study: Research to Design

To improve the online tax center, Jamie led a UX research discovery process, then created designs informed by the research.


Tax Center—Final Outcome

In time for tax season, Jamie worked with the business unit improve the online experience for finding critical tax data and statements.


Tax Center—Inquiry

Jamie led a “model-based inquiry” to inform the design, conducting research exercises with subject matter experts to gather internal knowledge about user needs.


Tax Center—Analysis

data collected from the research effort was analyzed and organized into a model for designing the new tax center.


Tax Center—Model Validation

A new site map for the section was created and simultaneously the results were cross-checked with web metrics and user data from the customer service center.


Tax Center—Design

Wireframes were iterated and reviewed with the business unit and subject matter experts. The entire process took under 3 weeks to conduct and the entire section was redesigned in time for tax season.